Recessionista (VW)

volkswagen-south-africa recessionista commercial

Due to the credit crunch shoppers has changed their way of indulgement, they now only spend the amount of money they think the product is worth and and will not pay over the mark for it anymore. This opened a whole new gap for opportunity in the market, especially the creative industry.

Volkswagen together with Ogilvy

Interactive took this opportunity and launched a ‘ Recessionista‘  campaign for the Volkswagen Citi Golf. They play on the humour and seriousness of the credit crunch to increase sales of this affordable deal they are offering.

They claim that consumers shouldn’t let the recession get in the way of their style, they must become a recessionista and be cool despite the economy.  Drive a Volkswagen Citi Golf.

They take this further by adding an interactive section to the website where consumers can post their tips on how to beat the recession on the site and even add photo’s, videos of  links to it to make it more fun. They do this in a humorous manner to keep a smile on consumers faces while dealing with the credit crunch.

A couple of the recession tips on the site includes things such as : Make you own cologne from the flowers in your garden, or dont pay for weekly therapy sessions – tell your fiends. Shower together, Old telephone directories make ideal personal address books. Simply cross out the names and address of people you don’t know. Save money on expensive personalised car number plates by simply changing your name to match your existing plate –   Mr. CA 3001 273

Go check out this awesome campaign at : and post your favourite tip to beat the recession, be part of the crowd crunching the credit crunch.

We couldn’t find any more of the creative work – it seems as if the campaign isn’t too popular online (there is only the single microsite). I’ve also seen some ads in magazines, but nothing else online. If you might have some copies of them lying around… send it in to us!

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