South African Creatives on Twitter – the strategist issue

Following up on our post last week,  you must have been spotting a trend by now. Fridays are Follow Fridays – a meme where you post a couple of people whom you suggest following. This week our focus is on strategists. We’re showcasing the people who put things together, who put the concept together and make it happen. We’ve also got some photographers, designers and even a magazine! If you’d like to keep up to date, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter:

Alex van Tonder – MyBrandedLifeTM


Alex van Tonder is also known as MyBrandedLifeTM – She’s the creative head at King James RSVP. At the moment her favourite word seems to be y’ulle – we’re still figuring out if she’s pulled a Hipster Runoff move on us or if it’s legit (being hacked that is). Alex also live blogged the Design Indaba while it was running and provides some great commentary otherwise.

Sean Bonthuys Privatesale

Sean Bonthuys Twitter

Sean is the ninja (read Interactive Producer/Digital Strategist) behind a couple of great campaigns from the GLOO stable. He’s low-key at the moment, only tweeting when he isn’t cooking up some crazy new strat for Spur, Cell C or similar. He was involved with the multiple award winning Hummerville campaign from Cell C as well. He’s a great mind that we think is one of those best kept secrets, but we’re asking – if you’re reading this, why are you not following him?

Dave MackeyCafe Racer

Dave Mackay

We’re loving how these awesome people modestly hide behind loosely veiled pseudonymns…Dave Mackay sells himself as an Internet Hippie at The Jupiter Drawing Room. Dave constantly tells us about new stuff we haven’t even heard of yet. He’s also an avid runner – another trend we’ve been spotting amongst these here strategy people.

Hunter Kennedy huntervancoke

Hunter Kennedy

We do realise some people are behind (or in front) of the Boerewors Gordyn. That’s no excuse for not know about Fokofpolisiekar and the success they’ve had. Hunter Kennedy is one of the guys behind the band, and he’s also recently been involved with some other bands like aKing and Die Heuwels Fantasties.

Andrew BrautesethBrauteseth

Andrew Brauteseth

Andrew is photographer and designer living in Cape Town. He’s done some amazing work which is featured on his website (and soon on 10and5). He’s not really one to respond, but keep up to date with his latest shoots and travels by following him.

Rouleaux le Roux rouleaux

Rouleaux le Roux

All my life I’ve wanted a personal designer, someone who you could just have around to design stuff for you – like a cool new t-shirt for Friday night. Rouleaux is the kind of guy who’d I wish could be that person. It’s work is just ridiculously tight. He’s currently a designer at GLOO, but still treats us with some wacky as hell illustrations on his personal blog.

Chew the Magazine chewthemagazine

Chew the Magazine

Chew had some massive hype around them when they launched, and they’ve managed to live up to it. Chew is a digital magazine on design, fashion, lifestyle and more. We wish they hadn’t gone quiet after the Design Indaba, but we reckon if you bug them enough they’ll get active again.

Allan Kent allankent
Allan Kent

Heading up the digital division at Saatchi and Saatchi called AtPlay. He’s also quite a regular on the conference scene, and a great follow on Twitter. What’s that? You liked the new Yogisip Campaign? It was them.

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