Jack Daniels Auction House


Jack Daniels together with Ikineo recently launched a new online campaign allowing you to bid for products on auction. Together with bringing Jack on the road this was a huge success for Jack Daniels and Ikineo. The site was put together in terms of planning, design and development by Hello Computer.

The website is easily accessibly, user friendly and structured. The design and layout of the site gives you the feel of elegence, the Jack Daniels way. It’s personalised and allows you to backtrack your previous bids aswell as having a look at past auctions.

You can earn Jack Daniel’s Dollars by registering on the Jack Daniels Auction House website and then follow easy steps such as login to the website, buy a drink at a promotion, buy a bottle of Jack Daniels, open an email, click through a mini site, enter an online competition, refer a friend, complete a survey, reply to an sms or even just updating you details on the Jack Daniel’s Auction House site.
You start of with a balance of 20JD$ to get the auction started.

Memorabilia up for grabs this month includes Double Golden Circle tickets to my Coke Fest Zero, a Jack Daniels Single Barrel poker set ad table, an entire range of Jack Daniels, Double tickets to the Jazz Fest in Cape Town. Then there’s also Jack Daniels military caps, Jack Daniels key rings and Jack Daniels leather wallets up for auction. All products that fits in well with the style and market Jack Daniels situates himself in.

When bidding on an item, the JD$ you use in your bid will be reserved. If someone outbids you, these JD$s will be refunded to your bank balance.
New items will be posted for auction throughout the month. The highest bid at closing time will win.
If your bid is successful you will be notified via email and your prize will be posted on to you.

After years of people flocking to Lynchburg Tennesse to be part of the Jack Daniels experience, they have deciced to bring the experience to you. They took Jack on the road. Now you can catch the Jack Daniels express here in SA.

Keep an eye open for the Jack Daniels Express at the following dates :

Taste of Cape Town Apr 2nd – Apr 5th Western Cape
My Coke Zero Fest Apr 10th Gauteng
My Coke Zero Fest Apr 13th Western cape
Africa Bike Week Apr 30th KZN
Africa Bike Week May 1st – May 2nd KZN

So get thirsty and become part of the Jack Daniels Express and auction!
To have a peek at the auction or to sign up for some JD$, log onto www.jdauction.co.za

Between 10 and 5