recessionista-childhood_small The latest VW Citi Golf campaign introduces us to the concept of the Recessionista: a fashion-forward individual who looks good despite “these tough economic times.” They are fashionistas making the most of the recession. They pillage their grandmother’s wardrobe, find ultra-stylish clothes at thrift stores and invent super-cool pastimes that don’t require too much money. 2009 is the year of the Recessionista, and Citi Golf is the ultimate Recessionista Car. It’s stylish. It’s got loads of street-cred. And it’s affordable. The campaign was by done by creative team Jennifer MacFarlane (Art Director) and Cuan Cronwright (Copywriter) at Ogilvy Cape Town.

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  1. Think the campaign shows good insight into the mindspace of the target market, so well done for creating a campaign that’s topical and relevant.