Snickers and Net#Work BBDO CT support the fire fighters


To the best fire fighters bar none.
Snickers. Don’t stop.

50 Snickers chocolate bars were delivered to the firemen combating the fires raging in Cape Town. Snickers & their agency Net#work BBDO Cape Town wanted to thank them for their hard work while giving them a much needed energy boost.

(And couldn’t resist a little dig at those other sweet chaps who missed a trick.)




  1. bar none *chuckle*

  2. Nice idea, good to see ad agencies giving back for a change.

  3. All agencies should do something like this. We advertise to our people that they must buy buy buy – it’s time to give back. Look at where our economy is and where it is going to be in a couple of years time. It’s time to give and shape up those around us! and YES, THE TIME IS NOW, because YES, WE CAN TOO!

  4. Yeah 50 snickers bars is really giving back hey…

  5. @Herman
    Yeah well it’s better than nothing at all!

  6. looks more like a photo op than anything else.

  7. Seriously people, they gave snicker bars to all the firemen. Were they supposed to rock up with 500 bars for 50 guys. What are they gonna do with 10 bars each. C’mon, photo op or not, they did something, what did any of you do? There was an article on yesterday appealing to people to donate food as they had not eaten for more than 24 hours, and here you are bitching about a company who actually made the effort. Shame on you people. Im disgusted in fact!

  8. Says the two of you sitting at work doing nothing for anyone other than your waistline.

  9. Photo op or not, its good marketing for the company and nice to give back to those who worked so hard, and while 50 may not seem like a large number, 1 snicker bar when you are tired and need a sugar rush is damn helpful.

  10. Dee and Herman… Not you justin…

  11. @Jacob, hehe, I gathered it wasnt aimed at me 🙂

  12. This is so typical of South Africans, the people complaining the most are the ALWAYS the ones doing nothing about it.

  13. hehe, who says i did nothing? i helped my neighbours evacuate their houses in stellenbosch when we had fires for weeks.

    i’m not saying it wasn’t a nice thing to do. still, as someone else pointed out, good marketing for the company.

  14. LOL @herman. You all know Nestle is kicking themselves.

  15. The people of Cape Town have been rocking up with crates of water & cool drinks, they have baked lasagne, and meatloaf, and fish pies. The fire fighters are heroes, the citizens, exiting their comfort zones to rally behind their neighbours, are heroes. If you are a huge multi-national you put some thought into your contribution – like a cheque to keep the chopper in the air or funding to train volunteer fire-fighters. I won’t slap a multi billion dollar brand on the back for giving away a couple of chocolate bars if they don’t follow up with something real as well. Network#BBDO & Snickers should think bigger.

  16. Why does value have to placed on everything? Well, you dont get a slap on the back, because I don’t see you taking a huge chunk out of your pay check to help out. You are all missing the point. They helped out, they did something, they got PR, woopty doo. Well done Net#Work BBDO CT. You got my vote in whatever you need my vote in. Some people just simply cannot be pleased. They have to be pessimistic about everything.

  17. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    “If you spent as much time practicing your saber techniques as you did your wit, you’d rival Master Yoda as a swordsman.”