MK – Die Vibe is So sterk – Who Dunnit?

Take a look at this great video produced for the Afrikaans music channel MK. We don’t know who produced it, but we’d love to know! Originally spotted at Vincent Maher



  1. The ad was done by Origin Media, music by Juice Studios!

  2. It’s very influenced by the time warp stuff on Discovery. Clever use of speeding and slowing down to create interest. Music a prefect fit too.

  3. Aaaaaargh, epic. Wow, great job Origin and Juice Studios!!

  4. quick correction: music was done by Juice Audio. More of their stuff to be featured soon!

  5. MK’s media players are pretty crap though. this is the first time ever i’ve got past halfway (and then it abruptly stop with no buffering indicators or anything and doesn’t load any further) on any video clip they posted.