Loeries Feed Your Ego


HelloComputer recently completed the Feed Your Ego microsite to create some pre-launch buzz for the Loeries. The site introduces you to the theme of this year’s awards by allowing you to play a game that involves “feeding your Ego”. The leader board shows you who, and which agency, is at the top of the rankings and the top 100 users are given the chance to put up their hands and get involved in the next level of the campaign before anybody else does (the best ego booster available – exclusivity). There is a grand prize up for grabs as well and the biggest ego that emerges from the battle will win it. The prize is an ego boosting luxury packed weekend of indulgence in Cape Town, including accommodation for this year’s proceedings. So if you’re coming from inland, great and if you’re already in Cape Town, at least you won’t have to trash your own place after the party. Check it out at: http://www.feedyourego.co.za/. Our high score is up there somewhere as well. We didn’t do too well…


  1. dammit, can’t get past 11seconds

  2. Would have loved it if you could click on the Company names on the High score board to view their websites.

    Great campaign regardless (which is already visible by the sheer amount of entries).

  3. Has anybody downloaded an ego skin and customised it yet? I’m very keen to see what some of the creative peeps have come up with cause I know they gonna be hot..

    @Johann – yeah, that would have been a great way to give everyone a mini shout out.