The Presidency Kids Website – Who Dunnit?


This site from the Presidency (not The President design) has us completely befuddled – We honestly cannot determine where this site came from, nor why it is so starkly different to the “adults” Presidency section.

The site is a beautiful semi-3D  world where kids get to learn more about the South African Presidency – Yes, the SA Government. I think that’s what struck us so off-sides – it’s totally unexpected! But fantastic at the same time that a government website has such a great, beautifully crafted website. It does remind us of a couple of other 3D worlds we’ve seen, but it’s very well executed. As Wesley notes: “the best is going through the gates & clicking on the president and minister

We originally found this via RiaanWest. If you know who did the site, please let us know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the post. I found the site on SA Good News, but they don’t name a dev company:

  2. Thanks Riaan – that’s exactly what we’re trying to solve with our Who Dunnit segment – try to find out who actually produced the work!

  3. The dog/Woofles thing is a little creepy, but quite impressive all round. I think the answer is: Flourescence (, according to the press release on the Presidency website (

  4. Marc – that looks on the ball to me. My browser is giving trouble viewing those pages, but I saw a glimmer of “we did that” on the Flourescene site. Well done if it was them!

  5. That site was definitely done by Fluorescence.

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