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The Presidency Kids Website – Who Dunnit?


This site from the Presidency (not The President design) has us completely befuddled – We honestly cannot determine where this site came from, nor why it is so starkly different to the “adults” Presidency section.

The site is a beautiful semi-3D  world where kids get to learn more about the South African Presidency – Yes, the SA Government. I think that’s what struck us so off-sides – it’s totally unexpected! But fantastic at the same time that a government website has such a great, beautifully crafted website. It does remind us of a couple of other 3D worlds we’ve seen, but it’s very well executed. As Wesley notes: “the best is going through the gates & clicking on the president and minister

We originally found this via RiaanWest. If you know who did the site, please let us know in the comments!

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