Mancream – Who’dunnit?

This is the very first campaign for Mancream, a new product made from 100% local ingredients, making it the first Proudly South African Shaving Cream on the market. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find out which agency is responsible for the campaign so we’re asking you to tell us Who’dunnit? We’ve heard there is one more, but can’t track it down yet. More pics after the link below…







  1. Maybe it’s the work of AprilFoolBBDOhJaLOL.

  2. anyone from BBDO claiming it then?

  3. That bottle’s design looks remarkably similar to Jean Paul Gaultier…

  4. manroom. dit kom op jou gesig.

  5. HAHAHA!Daai karakter en bathroom fittings lyk baie bekend!!

  6. funniest thing of all… check the toy dinosaur and car on the mirror? Stylist Fail!

  7. things like that can only be intentional…

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  9. That definitely resembles the JPG Fleur Du Male bottle. Love the porno-esque title too. sells a “mancream” but it doesn’t go on your face – it goes somewhere a little less err conspicuous.

  10. Hehe James, this was an April Fool’s prank – check the date on the post 🙂

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