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Chew – Issue 05


Chew presents: Tasty high-tech treats for all techies (and others) out there.

DESSERTPhotographer Mehmet Erzincan and fashion editor Z. Berhan Yilmaz battle it out Star Wars-style using technical shadows. DESSERTWriter Lu Larché chews the fat with progressive synth-rock band Isochronous and gets to grips with what makes them tick. DESSERTEscape via cyberspace to one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world while mingling with Great Danes! See, sleep, eat, do Denmark! DESSERTHelena Grier Rautenbach and Bianca Hartkopf launch our inaugural Chew-a-licious beauty section – featuring fabulous beauty in flavours from sour candy to spicy liquorice…

Download it here.


Between 10 and 5