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House of Coffees website


HelloComputer is responsible for some pretty tight work lately. We’re showing off the site they’ve done for House Of Coffees. Check out the main work behind this link here. Or click through this post for some more screen shots.

This is what the press release says:

The House of Coffees is giving away perfect prizes for coffee fanatics who’re a little bit sluggish in the mornings (surprised? You shouldn’t be, they’re the House of Coffees!).

Besides the many coffee hampers that’ll perk up quite a few kitchen cupboards, they’re also rewarding the main prize winner with a week’s supply of absolutely any freshly made coffee they can think of.

From flat cappuccinos to skinny, double de-caf lattes or simply a straight espresso for the purists, a personal House of Coffees Barista will arrive at any location that the winner specifies for a full week of complete coffee service.

It’s easy and fun to enter, users have to test their barista skills by making as many cups of coffee as they can (before the inevitable spillage) in the Cups of Glory game. The campaign is accompanied by interactive banners that are served on various news sites during most people’s coffee time in the morning to encourage entries. The banners allow users to try one of the mini-interactions from the game and even enter the draw for a coffee hamper if they don’t feel like clicking through to enter for the main prize. You can visit and follow the link to the beautifully executed flash game to enter by playing.

The site also contains (obviously) a lot of information about the different types of coffees enjoyed all over the world and some very interesting facts about why and how different cultures have enjoyed their coffees.

So go make some virtual coffee, learn something and you could NOT have to make coffee for you or your friends for a whole week!

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