Idoidea – Sol Geyser flash animation

[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/dropassemb2.swf” width=”300″ height=”500″ /]
Sean from Idoidea sent us this beautiful flash animation that they completed for Sol Geyser.
Click through for some more details on the geyser.
Sol Geyser – a stainless steel heliostat with unique solar tracking providing a bespoke industrial, light industrial and domestic solar water heating system.

Sol Geyser will be the most cost effective, SA designed and developed product in the solar water heating sector. In addition to this, initial efficiency results point towards Sol Geyser out performing EVERY other product in the sector on the SA market. This will be confirmed by SABS before launch in early 2009.

Sol Geyser is a patented product, developed in South Africa with all Intellectual Property housed in a SA based entity with the original inventor owning the majority share and operationally involved.

Sol Geyser works using solar irradiation and can be deployed in any country in the world, with efficiency dependent on level of mean annual irradiation. The product would not be financially viable for less than 10 of the 194 countries on the planet!

Sol Geyser is a South African developed product which has international appeal and a proven value chain including outsourced manufacture, assembly, installation, maintenance and support. Our model embraces the traditional wholesale, retailer and value-add channels.

But best of all, Sol Geyser will be launched as the least expensive solar water heater in the country, with a 5 year warranty, and a lease option, allowing you to pay for it as you use it….just like Eskom, except GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE, AND CLEAN.

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