Rajasthan Royals Microsite


We were invited to the Rajasthan Royals Facebook fanpage It Grows On You. We’re not sure who did the campaign or microsite, all we know is that PUMA is involved. The campaign is centered around the Mooch – a massive mustache that all the players are wearing on PR stunts. Supporters can download their own mustache, which they then wear at events – if they are spotted they can win a Rajasthan Roayls shirt.

Check out the main site here, and the Facebook Fanpage here. Drop us your comments below.


  1. I think this is epic. Would have loved to see a on site UGC element though and not just on Facebook.

    Nice one!

  2. Hehe yeah, would’ve been cool if you could take a pic or something – maybe even used a webcam to slap a snor on yourself 🙂 But this is a cool campaign idea and well executed.

  3. Flash overlay a snor them upload a pic of yourself with out one and the site auto places it on you.

    I wish I could have worked on this!

  4. You guys are spot on.. as always!

    Gloo is the Agency behind it and PUMA the client allowing us to do it… A profile Pic generator was part of the proposal… think this idea has real Memme potential, but we only had a week to put something together… with the IPL coming to SA so unexpectedly…

    Never the less… still think it’s pretty rad… hope people will start making their own versions and upload it onto the FB page and their own profiles.

    Thanks for the post


  5. Sean, my initial thought was that this was a Gloo project, but since I didn’t see any of the Gloo staff in the background image I thought “naah couldn’t be”. 😉

    ahaha, nice one!

  6. hehe.. what do you mean i am the Batsman top right?

  7. haha Sean, that at last year’s IPL stuff 🙂

    Thanks for the insights, cool to know what happened and what didn’t.

  8. Brilliant mini-campaign. I can’t wait for the cricket to start. SB