SA Bands on Twitter

We’ve skipped the last two feeds of Follow Fridays on 10and5 (nice alliteration we’ve got going there hehe).

This week we’re doing a feature on the top SA bands and producers you can follow on Twitter.  We’ve got to mention Anastacia for the fantastic legwork in putting this in, you can see an original post by her here.




















  1. and @zebraandgiraffe

  2. what about crossingpoint??? is it because they are to loud for the emo/indie schmuks? check them out @

  3. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of them! Thanks for pointing them out though.

  4. they twitter regularly. here is the link to the website

    Good quality SA hardcore with a positive attitude! Nie vir moffies nie….

  5. … And Ashtray Electric have just signed up at

  6. Hey 🙂 Cat String Theory are up on the Twit Sphere as well –

    Send us a tweet @catstringtheory!

  7. Also Check out:


    in no particular order.

  8. sorry you uys mentioned @RockingTheDaisy

  9. Nice! thanks for all the extra bands!

  10. OH and @ARNOCARSTENS and @karenzoid also recently joined, but don’t expect them to last very long

  11. en wat van die heuwels…ek se piesangs…en ek se paasfees!

  12. wow – nice!! I appreciate the link back to my post.

    I like how you used the band logo as a a visual reference instead of a genre / description.

    Thanks to the commentary above for the links to peeps I was following..

    Revised versions of this post elsewhere:

  13. A great new SA movie releases 29 April 2009 – and there is some top SA music in the sound track – check this clip…
    Please help us spread the word. We are releasing the script on twitter as well: – official website it: – thanks for the help.

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