Election time: All the party posters

Seeing as it’s election time, we’ve done the rounds and went to find all the political party posters we possibly could. We realise we might have missed a few, and there were also a couple of other ones that popped up after we’d taken the pics. Some of our highlights were the Universal Party poster, as well as the NP – what the hell happened there?

Either way, take a look below and drop us your comments (please note that this post is about design and not politics – any comments deviating from this topic will be deleted.)

If you’ve found a poster that isn’t up here, please take a photo and send it in to us at contact@10and5.com.



Freedom Front



Universal Party


National Party





And all the rest of them can be found in here:

Check out these updates from Leon:





  1. haha,some really funny ones!I will definitely not be making my choice based on any of these posters!

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  3. wow this is impressive!

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  6. I Love the universal party’s logo!!!! So bad it’s memorable.

  7. The use of colour is also quite interesting, actually a much bigger range than I expected. Also interesting to see the print quality on some of those posters. The ones that fade so quickly are an instant fail i think…

    Nice list!

  8. What about “Vote For The Tiger”? http://www.mf.org.za/images/mf_1.jpg

    Saw it up in Durban a couple of weeks ago… ‘n all.

  9. Hahaha Andrew! I can’t imagine someone would have put that up!

    Marc- it’s very interesting, but also, lot’s of the posters up along Camps Bay and Sea Point were being nailed by the weather.

  10. Marc – I made the same observation this weekend. It seems the DA posters are holding up nicely while the ANC and Cope posters are looking shoddy. Yellow + Sun = Instant Fail…

  11. The AZAPO posters were probably the shoddiest – they were just wheat pastes on to normal cardboard. Very low budget!

  12. I’m trying to send you more posters but my mails are failing to contact@10and5.com. Is there something wrong with your mail server?

  13. Starnge how it all plays a role, up here in Jozi, the FF posters are fading badly, along with the ANC ones. DA’s are lasting well.
    I would expect the parties to think of shit like this? The COP billboards up here are mostly red, quite an eyeful.

  14. Oops! I meant COPE

  15. Some really ugly designs in some of those.

    Who the heck is the UP?

  16. We would ask the same evl!

  17. DA’s blue posters are probably the most striking, not just the colour, but the use of space, the large people figures and the minimal, bold text.

    Cope’s logo looks like a target that is training towards Alan’s head – very cluttered and the red makes me nervous. It makes me think of snipers and blood. The white poster hardly attracts attention, almost like one of Die Burger’s headline posters – except not as interesting.

    The ANCs posters are simple and to the point, very recognisable, but the posters look like they were made at the party’s inception almost 100 years ago. New ANC, new posters – that would be my first thought.

    UP’s posters look like an old faded page from one of those 1980’s Women’s Values that my mom refused to throw out. The empty arms and bewildered look really doesn’t instil confidence. So many elements and small words, they’re obviously aiming their message at pedestrians who can stop and squint and not people on the move flashing past.

    The IFP’s Oupa is reassuring – he looks welcoming. Pity about the unfortunate placement of the cable tie right through his forehead. And then their logo reminds me of a motor oil.

    The NP – we’re back? O.M.G.! And PAM’s Thami ka Plaatjie loses the educated vote with a double whammy: moveMMent and caneLL. Maybe there’s a subliminal message hidden in there somewhere.

    Good effort on collecting all of these – has museum potential 🙂

  18. The quality and type of posters that were made by the smaller parties are reflective of their finacial status, not all Parties could spend R200 million like the ANC or R68million like the DA on electionneering so give the smaller parties credit for at least making an effort to garner votes.

  19. @Mustaq I agree to a point, but the print bill was more than likely the biggest cost? I know plenty designers and design agencies that would not charge THAT much for a decent design. It’s like the difference between a R500 design and a R20K design. On a bill of R1m or more, that kind of cost cutting should never happen. More like cutting corners.

  20. I can’t argue with that, someone should set up a group of willing desingners and make these parties aware of the the services that can be offered so they can take advantage of having decent posters.

  21. Mustaq, maybe we should hold an election competition! Design a poster for the political party that you think needs it most!

  22. @ unodewaal

    That’s an excellent idea, get a few willing designers together throw around a few ideas on the criteria for selecting parties to design for, set some rules etc … Brilliant !

  23. Sounds like a great idea. If Obama’s poster campaign was anything to go by, then we should see some interesting work. Those were beautiful.

    Who needs it the most? Well…

    I would be interesting to use the same copy though. Like the death penalty stuf from the NP and the Cancell typo from the PAM.

  24. haha I love that Marc – sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll see what we can organize sponsor wise.

  25. Yep, and maybe we don’t have to wait until the next election, we can do mockups if that’s allowed/acceptable.

  26. I’m thinking of holding the comp over next week – even if it is a bit after the fact!

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  28. Love “The good Shepherd” on the Universal Party.

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the “CAPE” party campaigning for an independent state? Saw one poster on the hi-way just opposite UCT.

  29. Strange how the IFP posters had either the logo or Buthelezi but not both together….

  30. @unodewaal. Any new developments here regarding the comp ?

  31. Hey Mustaq, we had a think about it, but we realise that we kinda left it till too late! Seeing that the post happened only 1 or 2 days before the election.

  32. Thanks Uno, what about one just for fun, with no prizes, fictitious Party name etc

  33. That’s not a bad idea, I’ll run it past a couple of people and see what we can do!

  34. That would be great

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