Adidas Local Barbershop campaign


The boys over at Ideate have a brilliant collection of the Adidas Barbershop campaign. We know the ads are slightly oldish (Marklives! also has a post up a while ago), but we thought it very fitting seeing as we’re heading into soccer fever time, it should be featured again. Click through for more details on the campaign.Adidas, the official FIFA partner of more than 35 years, is currently running the Kopanya creative campaign for the Confederations Cup 2009. The name derives from the Sesotho word meaning join together, which marries well with the Adidas philosophy of Together We Are Strong…

‘The Barbershop’ format that was chosen suited the campaign objectives and deliverables best says ad agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris.

“To achieve true prominence in Africa is to have a haircut named after you, and as a style it is pragmatic and pliable, these barbershop signs are after all advertising their services. The naming and descriptions of the haircuts also helps in the ability to describe the player, as in the Kaka, the Pienaar and then give a brief description of their style, which then marries to the boot, all ultimately resulting in pushing the product – the end goal of all successful advertising campaigns.”

The print ads and billboards appear hand-drawn and are representations of well known local and international sports stars such as Kaka and Pienaar, as well as Lionel Messi and Creus Xavi from FC Barcelona.  The elements involved in the campaign will be billboards, print ads and buses featuring Kopanya decals.

Damon Stapleton – Exec Creative Director in Joburg
Nadja Lossgott – Art Director
Deborah Miller – Communications Manager Adidas
Gavin Cowley – Marketing Director Adidas


  1. There is just something so awesome seeing insight like this being put to good use, it is a quintessential african image which is easily recognised and places such emphasis on doing something associated to the west, our way.

    I must find a way to purchase these images and have them printed in a larger format for my study.

  2. Stunning idea…brilliant campaign, well targeted and so truly South African. Love it! I wish more brands were open to the idea of having their brand ‘played’ with in terms of design, logo guidelines etc.

  3. This is so awesome. Brilliant campaign. We’ve got the same barbershops/salons here with the local sign writers.Great so see it put to such good use.

    @Melissa Me too.