Windhoek missed the point?

Last week with all the election hoo-ha I was checking on the election site quite regularly (every 15-20 mins or so) and couldn’t help to notice the massive Windhoek banner ads displayed all over the site.

Elections24 Windhoek

What I found that was quite interesting was that even though I was refreshing the page every few minutes the ads were still displaying (for those that don’t know, one of the more popular banner ad placement options are to select how many times an advert displays to each viewers so that you don’t waste your impressions on users that don’t want to click on your banner).

Windhoek 625x60300x600 Animated Windhoek

I was also quite intrigued that there was no call to action on these banners and finally decide to click on one of them.

Once clicking on the banner I landed here. A small microsite that has the 3 TVC ads displayed on them and nothing else.

At first I thought I was missing something, that there must be something more? The main reason that you select going web is that everything is measurable or with web campaigns you can get user analytics on usage and interaction, or even further still use expensive marketing props such as TVC’s as extensions to build larger consumer databases. In essence, banner campaigns are about ROI, getting something for your buck.

They had none of these. Just 3 adverts. Again, am I missing something?

What I find even more interesting is that I decided to tamper the little promo site to at least check if they are measuring the amount of views per video. But no, once again it seems I am thinking too far, they have no analytics installed on this site giving them any information at all…

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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