Springleap T-Shirts


Springleap is an online t-shirt clothing store. Each month a winner is chosen based on the highest average community rated score for a design. The winner, plus 19 runners up, will see his/her design printed on high quality slim cut t-shirts that can be ordered via Springleap.com or bought at one of Springleap’s exclusive partners.

We’ve asked the guys over at Springleap to send us their top 10 shirts to feature on 10and5. Let us know which one is your favourite. Check them out after the link.They are also running a competition where you can win a full bursary to attend AAA, more details here.


  1. Jaco Haasbroek

    I think the format has changed: “From 1st January 2009, the competition becomes bi-weekly and there is ONLY ONE WINNER per competition”

  2. Yeah – from the 1st Jan, we’re having a new comp every fortnight with R7482 of cash and prizes to be won by a single winner.

    You can also see ALL the tshirts currently in our stock room at http://www.springleap.com/shop

    Thanks for letting the guys know about the AAA DEA springleap design comp for the high school up and coming designers – two bursary’s for AAA up for grabs.


  3. Ah thanks for clearing that up Jaco!

  4. Fabien De Fontenay

    My friend designed that Tree Whisperer t-shirt (zephyrtheflyinghorse@gmail.com)

  5. we have such amazing designers on the website, thanks for the great write up guys.

    We have one t-shirt competition every two weeks, were one winner is announced and they win around R8000 made up of cash and t-shirts.

  6. Fabien, I’ve been shopping at Khao San RD in Bangkok three times in the last three years and the “Tree Whisper” t-shirt looks unfortunately a lot like about 4 or 5 t-shirts that I bought there – same butterflies from the head/tree silhouette thing going…perhaps your friend has been to Bangkok too recently? I’m not sure it’s copyright infringement (the labels on my t-shirts say Rocky Clothing, but being made in Thailand anything could be sewn on), but that design is definitely not original – textiles plagiarism?!
    Perhaps they’re copying him?! Let me know and I could send pics of the tees.

    The rest of of the Springleap designs look great though, well done guys.

  7. Hey Henno, I’ve seen that similar bird/butterbly design quite a lot – there was the one from Threadless as well with the girl pointing a gun to her head… and then instead of brain splatters it’s butterfly’s. I almost think it’s one of those ubiquitous designs now. You know, like a circle. It’s all about how you stitch it together.

  8. Fabien De Fontenay

    Henno, nope, maybe inspired from somwhere?? But I know his design style…and the sillouette is actualy from a pic of him.

  9. I see, so it’s just sort of what’s in lately – butterflies ‘n tree silhouettes = public property. It’s all about the stichin’…think I get it!

  10. yeah this style has been doing the rounds for a while . rob dobbi has a lot of this style in his store ..

    im not sure i understand this picture