Samsung Pixon by Aqua Online


To date the Samsung Pixon has been running for about a week, with some pretty good stats. The aim of the site is for users to select a colour palette or mood that they are in, they can then send that mood to a friend with a specific image (they should license the images for presentation stock art… or did they get them from there?). The site is amazingly well executed and engaging, plus all the required social elements are there as well, such as a Tweet This, Add to Facebook and Delicious. On the left there is a virtual handset that you can use to browse some of the features of the phone. Aqua Online is the agency responsible for the production.

Check out some of their traffic stats after the jump.

Initial results (within the first ±3 days of going live) were as follows…
• 10,000 visits and 23,000 page views.
• The site has a bounce rate of only 27.25%…. usual average around 47%-49% on GOOD sites.
• There were a total of 25,595 events that took place.
• 11,604 visitors – choose or changed Moods and 6,058 Shared their Moods with friends.

Between 10 and 5