New issue of MARK Magazine

Cover of the Mark Lives design magazine
Our sister/brother/cousin site MARKLIVES! has another of their issues out, this time focusing on: A Blueprint to surviving in ad land during the recession

The latest edition of Mark Magazine, the business magazine about people, is now available. It is themed Blueprint (to surviving in ad land during the recession) and features contributions by Dave Duarte, Mandy de Waal and Herman Manson. Art Director Candice Turvey came up with the cutting edge design.

“Uncertainty is part of every recession,” says Editor Herman Manson. “We don’t know when it will end: we do know we must all find a way of surviving it. This issue of Mark hopes to chase away some of the blues by providing a blueprint on how to survive the current crisis.”

Does your boss know retrenchment is out? Innovative salary solutions and redeployment is in, as managers use inexpensive perks to motivate and keep staff during meltdown: just point him or her to pages 8 & 9 of Mark magazine. And the traditional concept of ‘an industry’ is crumbling away – the perfect opportunity for breaking the rules of marketing and livin’ (page 6 & 7). Maybe the crisis reminds you that life is not balanced if it means only work (pages 10 & 11). Even giving is changing, from how much to who you are and what you do (pages 14 & 15).

Mark is available in both digital and PDF (for download) format and can be found at

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