10and5 Logo redesign update #2


  1. hmm. i want to be honest but i don’t want to be mean. this feels like student work. too complicated and lacking finesse. sorry – i love you guys and hope the final logo rocks. sincerely, A

  2. Hey Alex, we really value your feedback and appreciate anything you have to say! The reason we’re putting these up first is because they are all part of the concept development for the final logo, and also because we value the feedback from our community. We hope you’ll like the final one 🙂

  3. Whenever I think of 10and5 (as a brand), I think “clean cut” and “simple” (in a GOOD way) – these seem a little busy, too much going on and a little “cluttered”. I like the colors of version 2.

    Look forward to seeing more! 🙂

  4. Hey Natalie, that is definitely the look we are going for, I’m glad you think so as well as that’s the direction we took with the final one!

  5. I Agree with ‘i am natali’ – I think that these look a bit too busy, there is too much going on.

    I’m also not very fond of the font used in the first two.

    Love the colours though… Especially version 3! Excited to see the end result!!

  6. Whenever I am asked to design something for a “showcase” I always keep in mind the fact that whatever is appearing with the work being showcased doesn’t compete with it. The logo’s are not necessarily bad (but in my opinion not good either) – they’re going to compete with whatever you’re showcasing on the site – like a big distracting bulge at the header – try not to overcomplicate the design – simplicity is key, yet the brand should always be interpreted into it.

  7. Hey dudes… i think Uno is right. I dont think we need to over annylise these, cause they’re not crafted/finished. these are as he says, concept development, which means to me they got the designer to his end result.. so these will be crap in a way, they just doodles…

    Good work 10and5… cant wait to see the final, crafted, well thought-out, conceptualised logo!! Yippee…

  8. Visually I think version 2 works the best out of these, though I am a bit wary of the 3D / pixel art vibe (a bit done, and I’m afraid it puts your brand into a certain kind of ‘box’ style wise – no pun intended).

    Personally I LOVE just “Between 10 & 5” and I don’t know if “The Design Showcase” is a necessary tagline. Once that becomes part of it, the kind of things you can showcase from the creative community might become limited (how would, say, radio ads fit in?)

    Anyway I’m pretty excited to see the final one, too. It’s probably in a totally different direction from any of these. I have a feeling we’re in for a surprise, no?

  9. I liked the moustache ones more, but out of these V3 is my favorite.

  10. Oh just wanted to add, I think I would have focused more on type and less on an actual logomark. Cool name, cool typography. yes yes.

  11. hey M_R – those colours are RGB – something that designers know all that well!
    Mallix – Thanks, you make a very valid point. I think that our final design does that – these ones were very much “concept” designs and are in no way polished or have any finesse.

    That all being said – I really can’t wait to show you the final designs. We’ll be revealing the agency tomorrow, as well as an almost final logo. Thanks to everyone for the feedback to far! The responses have been great!

  12. Whilst I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, nothing good can ever come of designing by committee.

    Hire a qualified logo designer, get them to do something awesome, use it and believe in your brand.

  13. i dunno, somewhere between lego and the acid block in “harvard man”…

  14. Defaulterror – I agree 100% with you, that’s why we gave the design over to a single agency to develop. At the moment we’re just sharing some of the designs that lead up to the final version, hoping to get some feedback from you guys as well.

  15. Version 3 isn’t bad. But needs to be simpler. Too many separate blocks and angles, I think. I’ll mail this link to my sister and see what she says. As she’s head of design in her company…

  16. V3 is cool. Gladnie soos wat ek geraai het dit sou lyk nie. Maar dit lyk unfinished. Veral die “and” deel.

  17. Not feeling any of these. Unnecessarily complex, seems forced and not too much thought about placement. Personally I’m weary of a million variations on a design, seems slapped together in hope one will work and appease, I think a good designer will focus on a strong version and craft it, presenting less, but presenting better.

  18. default makes a good point .. opening designs up to discussion is always gonna generate negative comments.. looking forward to the final

  19. brad give me a free t shirt! … enough of this foolery

  20. I know this is the most frustrating of all comments, but the logos look like they are trying too hard. They’re really busy and look kinda like Tetris from the 80s/90s. I totally agree with Mallix, the logos will prove very distracting to what’s going on, on the actual site. I think your logo needs to be more true to YOUR product. A clean, simple, immediate “explanation” of what this blog is about – essentially a platform for cool media-type stuff? Then make the logo a frame/platform/base for this info. Stay away from creating a logo that’s actually going to compete with the site’s content. Hmmm, I think your business cards sum up your blog so well. Creative, innovative and the “consumer” is left with an immediate “Oh, cool, I get it…” take on what you guys are about. Good luck, it’s only in the crafting that we get back to the basic – which I think is what you’re going for 😉

  21. P.S. I’m with Dylan – show me the T-shirt.

  22. These designs look a little too angular and confusing to me. But I have been known to get easily confused and aroused, but not at the same time.