Steri Stumpie ‘Everyone has a favourite’.


We have been so excited about receiving the latest campaign for South African favourite, Steri Stumpie, done by King James RSVP. We’ve included some work in progress pics for you to have a look at as well. Enjoy!


Steri is very much a consumer-owned brand, hence we were hesitant to bombard consumers with advertising and alienate the existing fanbase,
all of whom are loyal to their own personal associations and moments with the brand. We also had to cater to 2 audiences: the first was youngsters aged 6 – 12, and the second was that very loyal older market between the ages of 18 -25, so whatever we came up with needed to speak to the youngsters without alienating older Steri fans. So the campaign itself is a subtle one that consists of outdoor awareness in the form of billboards, supported by an Official Unofficial Ambassador’s Program which will be run off a Steri blog (yet to be released) and a new flavour promotion, which will roll out later in the year.

Establishing the Messaging

The line ‘Everyone has a favourite’ became the key messaging because, simply put, it’s a truth about the brand. Both King James RSVP and Parmalat did extensive research into the brand’s audience via both focus groups and simple observing online fan behaviour. There are various facebook groups that have been set up by true Steri loyalists, and funnily enough, most of the activity in these groups  centered around arguments over which flavour was the best. So we decided to build this insight into the campaign.

Coming up with Look and Feel

We came up with a paper craft approach to look and feel after being inspired by works we had seen at exhibitions overseas, and we loved the crafted yet lo-fi effect, and we felt it had integrity enough to appeal to an older market while still being fun enough for the kiddies. Junior RSVP designer Ryan MacArthur worked alongside Deputy Creative Director Mark Stead late into many nights crafting and re-crafting 2 paper sets that we could shoot and manipulate into paper liquid fantasies.

Building a narrative

Copywriter Alex van Tonder had loads of fun working a subtle narrative into the scenes that would give the work an additional layer that would appeal to kids. If you look closely at the strawberry landscape, you’ll see a Chocolate Steri Stumpie being worshipped like a god, a Crème Soda Steri Stumpie being hunted by a dinosaur, which is being hunted by a man, who is in turn is being hunted by another dinosaur. You’ll also see a pack of zombies lurching after the Bubblegum flavoured Steri Stumpie in the chocolate landscape while a boa constrictor tries to swallow the Crème Soda one. This attention to detail takes its cues from the attention to detail you find in popular children’s books such as Where’s Wally and What-a-Mess.

These 2 are the first of many executions, and King James RSVP and Parmalat SA look most forward to expanding the campaign – it really has been extremely fun to work on. We’ll keep you updated as the work comes out.


Copywriter: Alex van Tonder
Designer:   Ryan MacArthur, Mark Stead
Creative Directors: Jenny Ehlers, Alistair King, Mark Stead
Client Service: Laurel Mader, Lindsay Fernandez, Bridget Khumalo
Client: Parmalat SA

Between 10 and 5