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Cambrient overhauls Automark website


Cambrient was briefed to redesign the Automark site from the ground up to provide a much richer and more engaging user experience. The used car market is dominated by a few prominent sites who offer fairly bland, old style experiences to users. We believed there was an opportunity to employ new web technologies and a deep understanding of usability to create a completely different kind of car buying experience for South African vehicle seekers.

The new design make extensive use of AJAX to create more of a “web application” than a website. Searches are implemented using a powerful index search engine to ensure extremely rapid search through the database. Once an initial search is done, a full toolbox of filtering tools are provided to quickly refine the results.

Behind the scenes we have rebuilt the tools used by dealers to upload vehicles and photos – ensuring the visual impact of the searches is as high as possible. More pics after the jump or click through to the site.

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