New Logo: Agency Reveal


  1. SEAN?! SEAN-O! hmm small world.
    looking forward to seeing it on Monday

  2. hey that ‘almost complete’ bit looks a bit like the SABC logo. One of them at least:

    We still on for the t-shirt then?

  3. hehe Alan you’re going to have to try a bit harder than that!

  4. Had me at “I put a whole shit of stuff”, LOL!

  5. haha… LOL, my interview skills ain’t up to scratch… but thanks for your kind comment defaultterror. Your design is great!!

  6. Nice idea of using negative space but overall it’s too abstract for my liking, I think I’d like it more if I could make out the numbers in the negative space. I’m interested to see how it scales (down most importantly) and how it would work when applied to the site (on a white background?) – or is the containing shape part of the logo? Does any text accompany it?

  7. Hi Coda… yet again, just to clarify, this is NOT the final logo. All you have seen have been workings, experiments, colour ranges, font styles and type looks, none of which were ever finished or crafted. Wait till monday, when the FINAL crafted logo is up… then we can discuss issues of how it will look when applied to anything.

    Hope you like it!! 10and5 did, and for me thats the most important. Happy client, happy idoidea!

  8. Looking forward to seeing the final one!

  9. Ok. I looked at it and then I covered my left eye, then my right and finally closed both eyes. My conclusion – it rocks!

  10. I really enjoy this theme you have got going on in your web site. What is the name of the theme by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the website I am going to construct for my school project.