Aylesbury “Comfort Food”

These ads from Net#work BBDO Cape Town ran as a follow up to the Aylesbury Comfort Food radio campaign which aired in December. The ads feature a catchy song which ran at the beginning and end of an commercial break, highlighting the dangers of giving anything other than Aylesbury Ice Cream to someone who needs comforting. “Jax and Johnny of Soft Light City did an awesome job,” says Mike Pearson, from Net#work, “they really took the script to the next level – with great ideas for music, sound effects and everything really!” The clip includes a brief description of how the ad ran media-wise.

Listen: Aylesbury Good Choice Bad Choice

Check out www.softlightcity.com.

Sound Design: Soft Light City
Music: Soft Light City
Agency: Net#work BBDO Cape Town
Writers: Mike Pearson, Ryan Barkhuizen
Creative Directors: Alexis Beckett, Ivan Johnson, Mike Schalit

Between 10 and 5