Real Heroes Exhibition

Clint Strydom exhibition

An exhibition of black and white photography by Clint Strydom.

Opens Thursday 21 May 2009 at 18h00 at the Bell-Roberts Gallery in Woodstock.
Closes 20 June 2009

Born in Johannesburg in 1973, Clint Strydom is a photographer who lives and works in KZN. In 2001 he took up photography which has led him to a career as a professional photographer. He spends a lot of time in the rural areas of Natal and enjoys spending time with the people there. The way of life is simple and harmonius, despite a limited material wealth. Soccer plays a large roll in the lives of the people in these areas and “soccer gyming” is always on the go. Clint says “it is wonderful to watch because of the laughter and enjoyment evident in the game”.“My photo’s often focus on the daily lives of rural people and so capturing soccer images is a natural extension of what I do. In these images I really just try to capture the love of soccer and passion for the game in these remote areas. is one of the charities that I have become involved with through my work in rural Natal. The Ball series was inspired by the kids of Thanda who play so long and so hard with the ball that it almost disintegrates before they give it up. I took a carload of new soccer balls to swop for their used ones. I have captured these well used soccer balls in print as fine art images, a great juxtaposition”.
Some of the images were taken further south in the Transkei; where players have created soccer fields of the beaches. “I love the stark simplicity of the beach as a background to the energy and enthusiasm with which soccer is played there. My hope is that these images will give rural African soccer a face in the 2010 Fifa Worldcup’”.

This collection has been recognised as official licensed product of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ and forms part of the 2010 Fine Art Collection.


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