SA Tourism gets a makeover via Cambrient and Ogilvy


Seems like there are quite a number of great, well designed make overs for some established websites.

We’re seeing a lot more clean lines and updated designs. We like the redesign done on the SA Tourism site, facilitated by Cambrient and Ogilvy Interactive. Check out some more pics after the jump or visit the website.

People involved were:
Creative Director & Principal Design (Ogilvy) – Warren Hunt

Account Director (Ogilvy) – Justin Zeeman

Creative Director (Cambrient) – Jarred Cinman

Executive Project Manager (Cambrient) – Diane Wilson

Project Manager (Cambrient) – Candida Henning

Senior Analyst (Cambrient) – Jacqui Maroun

EMarketing Manager (SAT) – William Price

Content Team Manager (SAT) – Kay Robertson

There was also some involvement from a range of other companies including Quirk, Acceleration, Acceleration Email Marketing and Clicks2Customers who supplied some specific services in the process.

Goes to show – websites are complicated things! Next time you reckon you’ve got an cousin who builds sites in his basement, be sure you aren’t going to get something as slick this one!

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