Glaceau Pop-up store PR

Glaceau Vitamin Water Try It pyramid

We followed the Glaceau vitamin water press quite a lot – they’ve had a successful PR drive – dropping all the fridges and product at agency’s and also active Twitterer’s offices with quite a lot of buzz generated from that alone.

We found the copy on each bottle quite funny, like this one:

paper jams, computer crashes, lifeless board meetings…whoosh!!
this vitamin supercharge will have you ready to fly in and save the day. (as a rule: resist urges to run around in any sort of cape, mask or tights combo).

Ikineo was involved with the PR side of things, Whatiftheworld did the production on the pop-up store. Check out more pics after the jump, or go visit the Glaceau website for more, or visit their Facebook group.And they’re on Twitter.. The site is also pretty slick, but we don’t know who produced it. In international news, check out the Vitaminwater association with Myspace.

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