Sean Metelerkamp – Die Antwoord shoot


We’ve got some great pics by the brilliant photographer Sean Metelerkamp. You might have seen some of Sean’s work if you’ve seen the shoots from the Punkskelm crew, most notibly Fokofpolisiekar and aKing, but also some stuff for Sweat.X.

Sean said this about the shoot:

Main dude is Ninja and his girl Yo-landi Visser.
They make zef rap rave tunes.
He kept saying ‘they is going worldwide’ and ‘Die fokken Antwoord are gonna blow’.
I just took the pictures.
He brought some friends along.
Ninja is like a commander. He knows what he wants and has a clear vision. Was good to work with.
Told me that soon they will be having the biggest rap rave jol in the world. Something about a pyramid of light. I don’t know.
He believes that with my photos and their songs, using the ‘interweb’, they are ‘gonna go worldwide’ and become ‘super famous.’
I believe it.
I will work with them again.

Check out more of the shoot from Die Antwoord after the jump.


  1. I was gonna say that Damian, damn you beat me to it!
    Fokken awesome shoot, really. RSPCT!

  2. Very cool. Worldwide – I doubt, although I DO hope I am wrong. I don’t see Afrikaans ever being globally recognised in music. 🙂

  3. Die Antwoord fucking rock!!!

    If you don’t like funerals, don’t kick sand in Ninja’s face!

    Fokken dik gesmeer bra!!!

  4. LoL

    this is great stuff man.

  5. Die Antwoord are selling out to keep it real. How’s that for pomo. Good pics.

  6. Party Party Party!!!

  7. Hes not that fa off the mark. We know about you in the UK now too, Poes koel! die fokken andwoord are goin to blow! Sick pics too ;))

  8. Stefano – eating your words 🙂

  9. I think a lot of people all over the interweb are eating their words right now. And for the still non-believers out there, read the intwerwebs again in 14 days. You will see.

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  11. I Think That the are gonna be Famous!
    The are of South africa!
    not of Holland

  12. yoh these mense are one time laanies for real! die antwoord deserves all the fokin respect in the world! the idea is so befok and im sure mr waddy jones has a huge pc computer cpu for a kop, jus! plus… their tunes are so well produced and their whole image is just perfect. makes me feel suma kak proud… well done guys, and RESPECT!

  13. I live in suburbia on the other side of the world.

    They are famous. Zef was right.

  14. As an advertiser, I’m tossing my salad and crapping my jean pant! Damn, online is it.

    I think the mechanism by which Zef’s been unleashed into global consciousness (3 million views, e.g. main youtube vid)tells us something special about the worldwide nervous system which R the Interweb.

    Hmmm! I wonder what novel effects we as “so called” sentient beings can cause with intent online? Words + images = m@g1ck f0r-mul&s, ag to much weed my china – but bookmark this page anyways!