gets a redesign

news24homeIt’s not often that big media houses go under the knife for a redesign, so when it happens it’s normally quite big news. Geoff Cohen, the publisher of News24, sent us a couple of grabs from the redesign.
We’d love to know what you think of this redesign – all the UX/UI guys out there, let’s hear your 2c.
Click through for a couple of words from Geoff, and also some more shots of the redesign.

The principle designer behind the redesign was Philip Langley, check him out on Twitter or Behance where there are some more shots.

Geoff says:

It would be fair to say that this is not a groundbreaking piece of UI, but waaay better than what we are on now. It also marks the beginning of the first of many changes that we are going to be bringing to News24 as we leverage our CMS. So the approach here is to launch as best as possible and then keep the burn on for weekly improvements in UI functionality within the base frame led by user feedback/conversion analysis etc.
big focus on semantic side – taxonomy density (the number of times a keyword is used) running at about 280k over about 80k content items. this should rise as we migrate archive content. so with density, relevance, and some other inputs we can really start to some cool stuff around contextual delivery of content and advertising.

Between 10 and 5