This is the latest work for Mweb done by Cape Town agency, FoxP2. Interesting work that moves away from the more retail side of Mweb’s advertising past. This first commercial was created to launch the new MWEB brand positioning, “CONNECT & YOU CAN”. It dramatises the internet’s power to take your message around the world.


Production House: Giant Films

Director: Bruno Bossi

Producer: Kirsten Clarence

Agency: FoxP2

Creative Director: Andrew Whitehouse

Art Director: Reijer Van der Vlugt

Copywriter: Justin Osburn

Agency Producer: Katherine Tripp

Editor: Richard Starkey @ Guillotine Post

Post Production: Black Ginger

Music: Theo Crous & Inge Beckmann

Another ad from the campaign:






  1. Personally I prefer the “facebook” ad, it makes more sense to me in terms of the positioning “CONNECT & YOU CAN”. I’m a bit confused as to when one would look for a lost dog online. But interesting work none the less.

  2. ps. LOVE the soundtrack.

  3. I really like the lost dog one. Ja, you may not search for a dog online, but why the hell not?
    Message and concept come through clearly, which makes it quite successful in my eyes.

  4. I think it’s pretty average, not sure why it gets put on sites like this that are supposed to be about creative stuff – this feels like something they did to make their client feel comfortable.

  5. Hey Andrew – I’m not going to say whether this is creative or not – only that 10and5 is a platform for any work produced by the creatives in South Africa. We sometimes feature “boring” or “corporate” work because sometimes that’s what clients are after, but it’s still something that we feel should be covered. I’m sure there are lots of people who would agree with you that the work is average, but sometimes a client might think “damn that’s what I want for my campaign”. And then we think that we were successful in what we’re trying to do here. Thanks for your comment!