Loeries Digital Judges Announced

The Loerie Awards today, 8 June 2009, announced the Digital Judging Panel for 2009.

The Loeries Digital Judging Panel

Clint Bryce, head of creative, Space Patrol Car Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/CraniumJack
Adam Whitehouse, creative director, Stonewall Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/1eighty
Allan Kent, creative director,  AtPlay Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/allankent
Bruce Wright, creative director,  Mnemonic Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/TheMindBiggles
Dylan McClean, creative director, AquaOnline Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/dylantm
Pete Case, creative director, Gloo
Yana Valtchanova, creative director, Amorphous
Gustav Greffrath, design director, Trigger
Joanne Reidy, creative director, Clickthinking Follow her on Twitter: twitter.com/pretty_pretty
Kabelo Moshapalo, interactive creative director, Draftfcb Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/KABZA
Mark Tomlinson, creative director, Hello Computer
Paul Tooze, creative director, Wireframe
Preston Thomas, creative director, Pixel Project
Brian Carter, creative director, Tribe
Anton Moulder, creative director, Urbian Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/urbian
Chris Gotz, executive creative director, Ogilvy
Andrew Whitehouse, executive creative director, FOXP2

Great list of South African digital creatives who has really pioneered the industry. Good luck to all entrants.

If you know more twitter accounts for the above, feel free to comment here.

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