Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay Sneak Preview

AtPlay, Saatchi & Saatchi’s internal digital division has developed an new intranet site for their staff. The new site hasn’t yet been seen outside of the offices of Saatchi and Saatchi but apparently we should be getting some more information soon (and inside scoops).

This video gives an interesting view of how websites also uses real work objects rather then straight web design.

Here’s the sneak preview of them creating parts of the site:






  1. that’s pretty crafty 🙂

  2. really cool! but reeeealy reminds me of the latest stert stumpie campaign…

  3. Ernst, can’t argue with you there. Unfortunately the site had been built, textured and was in QA when I saw the Steri Stumpie pics here on 10and5 🙁

  4. thats if little ernst knows what QA is… always so quick to pull that trigger eh ernst

  5. interesting ..

    i was a bit confused at the end when the recycled paper became a 3d rendered image, It lost that recycled feel or is that the point ( paper into site ) and if you dont see the video do you ever know it was paper to begin with . maybe its just me. Was enough recycled paper used to justify calling it a recycled site ? or am i missing something .. sorry dont mean to poke holes. I really like the end result and characters etc .

    regardless Atplay are doing some cool work of late

  6. thanks dylan – perhaps we need to add something to the vid. The end result isn’t a 3d rendered image – it’s a photo of the model, textured in photoshop. The idea was that by actually building the scene and shooting it with perspective, we’d get the feeling of depth. So thanks for thinking it was a 3d model 🙂

  7. I think it’s cool. But besides all the technical know-how and design behind it, I think it’s really cool that this amount of work is put into an internal project. Look after your staff and they look after you…

  8. amazingly cool, much better than steri site.