Vodacom: All the Single Ladies


  1. Love it!

  2. This has already been done by Justin Timberlake on SNL and became so popular that they even showed it on Oprah. Why not try something original? It’s almost as bad as when MTN stole a piece of Ok Go’s ‘treadmill’ music video to use as one of their ads.What saves it is that Vodacom at least remade what they stole.And the KFC guy does a good job.

  3. thanks Vodacom. I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the last few hours. thanks.

  4. mmmm, i think this campaign is actually really catchy. Yes its not totally 100% original, but you must admit that it is fun to watch! Those jeans are epic!

  5. it’s better than the meerkat!

  6. @Dee: so so true! damn that Meercat!

  7. I echo KIdd, first thing I thought when I saw it.


  8. its not original .. but its funny ..

    thats probably my worst justification for liking an ad ever .. but it makes me laugh and if thats all its good for then im ok with that.

    vodacom have too much money to care what people think .

  9. I think it’s rather brilliant…

    You guys should check out the website – comes together nicely!

  10. awesome. another rip off.

  11. This has to be the best ad ever, now vodacom outdid themselves, for those hu says its bad ill keep on praying for ur senses of humour

  12. Who cares if it is copied – I think it is hilarious. It actually makes my day when I see it because those jeans and body is something lol

  13. This is terrible, the original is terrible… You guys are off your rockers…

  14. love it. check out the bonus feature on vodacomfame.co.za. can’t stop laughing

  15. I absolutely love it and laugh out loud every time I seeit!!

  16. Man Vodacom u’ve been super with ur ads but this 1…XTRA SUPER!I hear radio stations r doin da same thing en we have 2 vote for the most hillarious.Where r they now?