BP: Beyond 2010

Café Owners vs Mamas


We’ve been dying to get our hands on these ads and finally, here they are! The first of 3 TV ads done for BP by Ogilvy JHB in anticipation of 2010. Credits and the other two ads after the jump. 

 Car Guards vs Boytjies

Divas vs Taxi Drivers

Creative director: Jonathan Beggs

Copywriter: Catherine Conradie

Art director: Ian Broekhuizen

Shot by: Eric van Wyk (from Bouffant)






  1. woops! was going to say i love the cafe owners & mamas ad, i rewound and watched it a few times when i first caught it on TV. truly hilarious.

  2. I love it! Classically South African.

  3. I also Love – made me so happy to watch on TV the other night. Beautiful.

  4. David (mini D)

    Love it… makes me want to watch soccer…

  5. haha these are great – I love the stereotypes! Someone has to say it though – Monty Python…? Still a great local execution.

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  7. Mostly Incredible person you shall ever meet wants to have your attention on this comment just for laughs

    HA HA