New t-shirt range from Mingo Lamberti – The Beams


Mingo Lamberti has a new range of t-shirts out, and it’s being launched at the Assembly together with The Beams, which is also coincidentally what the range is called! We think it’s a massive conspiracy theory… with lazer beams. Or it’s not so coincidental at all..

Check out the Facebook event here. This is what they say:

Mingo Lamberti is launching its 4th range and limited edition t-shirts at Assembly on the 27th. Its a tribute to the Beams and their rocking ways. The range of three designs is inspired by the rock t-shirt genre of days gone by and captures the energy and craziness of the band. Only a limited number of these original tees are available and will be on sale for the first time in the republic at Assembly, where the Beams take to the stage. Miss out and you miss out. Mingo Lamberti specialises in designing and making original t-shirts and sweaters, keeping them original and limited, so you feel a little special when you wear them.

Between 10 and 5