Urbian Developer positions

A pretty cool new job is opening up at the hot creative house Urbian. If you are an actionscript developer, make sure to get into contact with the guys. Their details are after the link.

They say:

We made a jingle to communicate something of our approach to projects, so if you liked what you saw then please get in touch. We have some exciting projects in the works, and are looking forward to bringing on some passionate senior developers who think the way we do about interactivity.

Feels odd to even mention this, but you know :

  • ActionScript 3, Flex, Air, XML, HTML, CSS
  • Professional programming practices, including OOP
  • Project requirement identification, design, implementation, testing and deployment
  • Flash video, Flash motion graphics and transitions
  • Flash player limitations and possibilities
  • Framework and RIA structures/architecture and design patterns

If you have read through this and think: “Yes, that’s me”, please get in touch. So to get us talking, please send your CV, including a link to your portfolio to joinus@urbian.co.za.

Between 10 and 5