New work from Elmarie Lategan


These are the latest work pieces we’ve received from fine artist Elmarie Lategan. Below you can find an artist statement about the latest work. We’re not entirely sure when the work will be exhibited, but we’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop.

The way I see it your freedom of expression and available resources are the paraphernalia you need to produce work. I simply subtract and portray my life as being lived each moment in an emotive sometimes subjective way. Anything and everything can be my inspiration to a new idea and artistic concept.

With my previous oil paintings I simply took my experiences of travelling and urban surroundings into account and produced mainly distorted, luminous paintings with light as my main subject matter.

With my new work I aim to capture the ‘animal’ youth and urban culture in a primarily Cape Town City setting. The idea is to tell a story and for the viewer’s creative mind to complete each scenario in his or her own intellect. The thought is to mentally interact with the two mediums; oil painting and digital art used simultaneously and be captured in each scene set in every individual work.

My concept evolved from the love of oil painting which I majored in receiving my Honours Degree in Fine Art in 2005 and the digital aspect is inspired by the graphic design course I took in 2008 and also the combination of being and art and design teacher at present.

I have been producing art for a number of years and I’m still enormously inspired by new concepts and hope to keep on producing art as long as I live.

Between 10 and 5