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Stonewall+ creates Dial-A-Nerd banners


Stonewall+ created these rich media banners.

The idea was to create top of mind awareness for the Dial a Nerd brand in the online space using Rich Media. They came up with three Rich Media concepts to inform the target audience that Dial a Nerd not only fixes computers but that they also sell a range of accessories, laptops, hardware, Macs and can help you upgrade your machine. You can view them here: Nerd Flash, Nerd Fix and Nerd Upgrade.

Then for good measure they also came up with the idea to have an interactive banner (ED: Please note that after the campaign was finished they have moved servers and this might run a bit slow) that you could chat to and ask advice. The banner can give you the number to your closest nerd branch, help you make a booking, give you advice on how to remove a virus, tell you what RAM is or just have a chat. This allowed Dial a Nerd to extend their service experience online and get users to interact with the brand and it’s character, Dan.

Great concepts, great executions!

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