10and5 presents Twoshoes


10and5 is super excited to feature Twoshoes, Cape Town’s latest design duo:

Twoshoes Graphic Designers are Quinton Bruton & Toby Attwell. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Quint’s childhood was spent barefoot and herding imbuzi (goats) in the foothill of KwaZulu Natal and in the suburbs of Harare, where Toby lived, it was so hot that no one ever wore shoes. When they reached the big city they bought a pair to share. It works for them.

Although great believers in free speech they care more about what the message looks like and prefer to arrest your attention with art and technology. Incredibly powerful and compelling visuals and images are their way of representing an idea. When typography talks everyone listens. Even in the new South Africa there’s value in white spaces and no one needs to speak all 11 official languages for the message to be loud and clear.

Quint and Toby say it’s ok to judge a book or album by its cover. The design on a T-shirt should attract attention and provide pleasure – who needs substance when you can have form? Music festivals, posters, books & packaging. Pet food and parties. Local looks much lekkerer and visual puns hit home the hardest.

Let this dynamic duo realize your potential, they’ll keep both feet, bare or otherwise, firmly on the ground as they elevate your image, but hey that’s enough chatting its time to go graphic and get designing.

Visit Twoshoe’s website here.

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