Loeries: Feed Your Ego – Part 2



If you’ve got an ego so large that even a big fat raise, your boss’s job and a supermodel won’t satiate, then The Loerie Awards has created just the site for you.

In line with this year’s campaign missive to Feed Your Ego, the folks at Hello Computer have designed a nifty little microsite where you can leave behind all semblance of civility and challenge other industry heavyweights to online duels.


Registering is simple, and once you have signed in, you have creative license to tailor-make your very own online ego, by selecting from a variety of options on each visual aspect of your character. If you really want to show-off, you can even download an ego skin and design your digital self from egotistical head to toe. Then the game begins, as your online ego enters the arena and challenges other characters to a battle for the title of Master of the Loerie-verse. The ultimate winner receives two Rock Star Passes to this year’s Loerie Awards in Cape Town from 24 – 27 September- a prize worth fighting for!


Create your very own (alter) ego: register on www.feedyourego.co.za. Entries close on 14 September and the winner will be announced on 19 September.


Between 10 and 5