Hyundai TVC by Jupiter

Hyundai TVC by Jupiter

We spotted this TVC airing last night, quite fun 🙂

We wanted to position the i20 as a car packed with fun and excitement, all wrapped in a stylish and powerful package. Our launch TVC illustrates this by showing the i20 having fun with a group of friends – literally. The take-out is ‘’The i20 is a part of your life’’.

For all the advertising people: The entire commercial was shot in-camera, meaning that no special effects were used. We used a stunt driver to make the car do a 360 spin on the same slippy slide that the actors were using.

Production House: Wicked Pixels
Director: Craig Wessels
Creative team: Lucas Van Vuuren & Jonathan Commerford
CD: Livio Tronchin
Music: Theo Crous
Audio mix: Big Leap

Between 10 and 5