Vodacom Fame


With the launch of the new Vodacom Fame campaign, Vodacom has launched a site where users can upload videos of themselves doing the Fame dance. The engine is running of the Zoopy platform and allows users to view, comment and load videos.

An interesting addition to the campaign has been the Radio section. Local radio stations have been asked to submit videos for user rating with the best radio version of the ad winning some cash to give to a charity of their choice (plus bragging rights over the other radio stations). Very nice campaign extension that drives a lot of traffic from the various stations to the site.

While the site has been troubled with some technical glitches over the last few days due to server overload, the over campaign is still nicely integrated with good support on both traditional and digital grounds. The Facebook and Twitter profiles have also been quite active, and seems to be very handy in managing communications to the public with regards to the connectivity problems.

The entire campaign is a collaboration between Vodacom, Stonewall+, Zoopy, Cerebra, Notabene and DRAFTFCB.


  1. oh god, that song… over and over and over.

  2. I disagree. Major FAIL. What’s the use of generating such massive hype and not having the server capacity to carry the website. All the radio partners are driving traffic towards it – now they also look bad for punting a campaign that can’t carry it’s own weight. A music licensing issue has also reared it’s ugly head which means the use of the track’s audio (Single Ladies) in on-air promo’s had to be stopped…surely that should’ve been sorted out long ago?

  3. Stonewall, you guys are awesome!