New Scar Hair by Ido-Idea


  1. call me slow… but please explain.

  2. I don’t get it either. she is shooting/f*cking a wolf-guy with a gun/hair-dryer at.

  3. Oh I get it: she is “fucking hairy”. As in she needs a haircut.

  4. Or she just has a lot of hair between her legs (“at scar, we do everything”). I like Rob’s answer.

  5. This is an example of trying to be too clever. What’s the point in an ad that only your ‘in crowd’ gets, it’s a complete waste of print. The only reason we’re talking about it, is because it’s confusing, that’s not a very good communication piece IMO.

    She’s fucking hairy? please say that’s not what’s going here.. Can anyone say with any sort of authority what the concept here is or why this ad would make me want to get my hair cut at Scar. Incidentally I need a haircut.

  6. MY EYES

  7. Matt: you should get your hair cut at Scar because Karin will do it for free!

  8. I would, if I knew how to get hold of her..

  9. Matt, I was joking with the ‘fucking hairy’ ‘concept’. I doubt it’s that clever.

  10. Hello all advertising guru’s…

    First of all, catch up on what Vice is about. I do hope that you have felt that new publication in your grubby hands, and seen what the Vice brand is. If you did, maybe this ad would make more sense.

    On the other hand, does Advertising these days need a concept? Does Scar Hair have a product to sell, or are they just a lifestyle or look? Do they stick to the norm of “selling” themselves, or do they believe in going against the grain, and throwing caution to the wind? Is it a sin to just have a real dirty looking shot, captured by one of South Africa’s most rockin’ photographers, in a mag like Vice? No.

    Yet again, our client Scar Hair was over the moon with this shot, even if it doesn’t have a clever, witty pay-off or headline. It leaves the shot open to interpretation, as it has done right here on 10and5. Idoidea has only had positive feedback so far. But, sometimes, ads or concepts need no justification at all, their just dirty and raw and sexy and slick and give a big finger to the very industry we are.

    So, if you want a personal run-down of what Idoidea is about and why we are causing such a stir, please dont hesitate to call Idoidea creative boutique personally, on +27 (0) 76 513 6622.

    We will gladly fill your heads with stories of trickery and darkness.

    Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll to all of you.

    Kisses… xx

  11. Sean-o – there are people who know what Vice is ‘all about’ and are familiar with it, before it was launched here. we don’t live on a deserted island you know.

    If you want to something really sexy/raw/dirty etc go have a look at some of Richard Kern’ work – – the only prop he needs is a joint or two.

  12. so the ideas was… to not have an idea… and your agency is called idoidea…

    *head explodes*

  13. lol – I like the duck painting on the wall, altho ducks are so last year. As far as ‘edgy’ hair dresser advertising could go, this works volumes:

  14. Sean-O, just to recap, everyone who disagrees with you is a self proclaimed guru and ads don’t need relevant concepts anymore. check, got it, thanks.

    Shot by Kern is brilliant, modest dude too. *hint*

  15. Ads rarely stimulate action. The best they can do is gain awareness. The best ads get people talking, thus more awareness. This ad gets people talking. Whether it offends or attracts, it opens the dialogue, so I think it’s pretty successful.

    Haven’t heard a debate on any other ads in this VICE issue.

  16. OK, I’m just gonna be honest. When I saw it, I really digged it. I thought about what the concept should be, realized there wasn’t much to it, but i still thought it looked cool. I liked the idea and I think it totally suits scar hair. They’re a totally different unique hair dresser, and by having a print campaign like this purley states that for me.
    Its not the typical hair dresser ad you usually see… but its the type of ad i would expect scar to have.
    it rocks!! woop woop!

  17. So… we should do bad ads because those are the type of ads that get talked about.

    Got it.

  18. it’s not very subtle, is it?

  19. yo dude
    an opinion is like a belly button
    everyone has one
    and by having one I’m not telling you or anyone else what to think
    i’m just telling you what i think
    just cos you think its a bad ad, doesn’t mean I do

    its a happy monday morning y’all
    lets calm the fuck down
    its just a print ad
    surely we have better things to get more worked up over?

  20. more to the point, why is that ad just about the only local content in the entire mag?

  21. we need more penis shots … seriously – I’m sick of disgustingly hot bitches with tits/flang and ass out. Give me cock! I DEMAND SOME COCK!

  22. There are already too many cocks in this…

  23. so you are saying that someone spent probably days scrounging around collecting bits of hair from the floor and waste-bins (grim prospect) at scar, sticked that a dummy with some form of adhesive, and produced a ‘wolfman’, stylised this shot, etc, etc – and all the time there was no talk whatsoever of a concept?

  24. sounds like post rationalisation.

  25. i thought the concept was a hot chic on top of a cheap warewolf looking dude about to shoot him…..

  26. No comment…

    Like i said, if anyone here is brave enough, call me.

    076 513 6622

    I dare you.

    Otherwise, it is what it is, and everyone who was involved is stoked beyond belief.

    More kisses… xx

  27. it’s a great shot, quite striking actually. which is what you want for an ad. on that count, job done

    ‘does Advertising these days need a concept?’. with everyone involved being stoked beyond belief, apparently not it would seem. substance just overrated anyways right?

  28. OMG this is the best thread so far! How I love what advertising peeps have become! Well done guys! So I’ll be the little guy on the side throwing insults to keep it revved then?

  29. id rather get my hair cut at chop ar the barbers

  30. I nominate this post, well, actually the comments within this post, as the ‘best of 10 and 5 2009’.

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  32. Best of 2009!! Shot Kate and 10and5!! My balls are warmed by your love…