Wicked Pixels new site by Gloo and Wicked Pixels

Wicked Pixels _ 2009-3

Check out the new (oldish by now – launched in May) website for Wicked Pixels.

The project was a collaboration between the Wicked and Gloo teams. Website character designers, music composers, movement directors and animation artists all working and crafting alongside one another. The result a fun, unusual and arresting site which grabs the users attention and transports them to a new world, where a pixel recreates itself into various scenes.
The central theme “from one pixel” is carried through in the navigation the scene transitions. We included a fun “treasure hunt element” with users being required to locate hidden pixels throughout the site. Once found they were rewarded with a one of three hidden desktop patterns.

The site is part of a digital campaign that Gloo designed to launch a new image for the company. The campaign including various email phases as well as innovative downloads to brand the receivers desktop icons.

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