New Audrey2, issue 2

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The new issue of Audrey2 is out:

Cadyshack 2 was bad, Speed 2 was bad, Basic Instinct 2 was bad, Batman & Robin should just never have been made and The Matrix, well we just don’t want to talk about it. But then there were a few good 2’s too (see what we did there?), Terminator 2 was good, Die Hard 2 was good, Predator 2 was great and the Dark Knight was just frikkin awesome.
So we’d like to think Audrey 2, Issue 2 belongs with the latter. But you be the judge. This issue features the likes of Ian Jepson, Clare Foxcroft Williams, Sean Meterlerkamp and Fly School Design. Plus we even got a few creative writing pieces, and if you dig them they’ll become a feature in future issues.

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Between 10 and 5