The Freelancer contract issue


Freelancing on the side is one of those unspoken of, but very much accepted things in the design industry. Show us someone in a long term job, and and we’ll show you their freelance work. Going freelance full time also puts you at quite a cost advantage since you can charge less for work because you don’t have the massive overheads that an agency would have – so you get more work if you play your cards right. However, I’ve often head of horror stories of non-payment, non delivery or other situations where a relationship between client and freelancer has gone awry, and because there is no contract in place it means for a bad break-up.

We’d like to ask our community, if you are a freelancer, how do you approach contracts? We strongly suggest having them, but it does add to overheads, and often we’ve seen contracts that are nothing more than a 50% deposit and a verbal agreement to play nice.

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