The Spacestation


THE SPACESTATION, South Africa’s leading digital media sales company, is an innovative partnership between, MIH Internet Africa and DSTV online, all members of the Naspers group. Replacing Sales, THE SPACESTATION provides advertisers and media planners with an enhanced, single point of access through which to increase the reach and effectiveness of their online and mobile marketing.

With the launch of this new company, they have launched a new site including a game to teach users of all the properties under their banner. The game has quite a nice styling although it’s not the most tricky in the world. The basic concept is you have to travel between all the different advertising platforms (Woman24, News24 etc) using the Spacestation rocket before you run out of fuel. If you do run out of fuel you have to answer questions relating to the company to receive more. Definitely a nice way to teach users about their offerings.

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