Careers24 Creative by Spacepatrolcar

c24_upload cv_spacepatrolcar

The cadets at SpacePatrolCar wished to illustrate exactly how quickly and easily you can now upload your CV with the new technology at Careers24.  Up until today, one of the primary hurdles of any job listings portal is the inordinate amount of time it takes to upload and format your CV. But not with Careers24.

This aspect of ‘time-saving’ became central to the new Careers24 CV Upload campaign (which launched 11 August). To add the unexpected, the space cadets created a french-speaking hard boiled egg who draws comparisons between uploading your CV and a variety of real-world occurrences – such as “Upload your CV in the time it takes for Google to launch a new product” … or “Upload your CV in the time it took Paris Hilton to get out of jail.”

The eye catching hard boiled french-speaking egg appears on the rich media banner activation (and you simply have to click on him!), as well as on the promotional mailers and microsite – where you can also win R 7500 cash and help your friends get in on the action.

Job hunting has never been this fun. To view one of the Banner ads please click here:


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