City Slickers Illustration expo in Pretoria

City Slickers is the name of the upcoming exhibition taking place in Pretoria at +27 gallery on the 13th of August, traveling to Durban at the end of October.The aim of the exhibition is to make people aware of the incredible illustration/design talent we have in South Africa, as well as exposing some great international talents, from across our borders.

The approach of the exhibition is one of a light-hearted nature, geared towards making art for everyone to enjoy. The works thus explore the theme “city” in a new manner, translating each artists perception onto an A3 print, which will each be sold in an edition of 3.

Anyone with more information – please leave it in the comments. There’s also a list of artists who will be showcasing work on the Blunt article.

This piece below by Marchand:


Between 10 and 5